Russell Dazzio managing member and founder of R&R Global HOSPITALITY & Gaming


Over his prolific career Mr. Dazzio has served on the front lines of many of the worlds’ greatest centers of commerce and leisure such as; Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles. 

Upon graduating from UNLV’s Hospitality College, in 1973 he joined arguably one of Las Vegas’s quintessential “Golden Era” casino resorts, The Stardust. During his stay he was given the opportunity to demonstrate his talents by overseeing a litany of “firsts” connected with casino operations and marketing. Mr. Dazzio decided to leave a promising career in gaming for the opportunity to join at the time one of the world’s largest international hotel companies, ITT Sheraton. At ITT Sheraton he received numerous awards in recognition for the role he played in re-positioning over 10,000 ITT Sheraton hotel rooms located in NYC and Los Angeles. 

At the pinnacle of his international “Big Brand” hotel company career, Mr. Dazzio elected to make a bold move and cut the cord from the ITT Sheraton mother-ship to test his entrepreneurial skills and founded R&R Hotel Group. In short order Mr. Dazzio navigated a course that took R&R to a #1 ranking by Hotel Business Magazine as the fastest growing independent hotel management company in America and made a name among lending institutions as the “go to operator” they could trust to quickly turn around distressed assets cluttering up their REO portfolios. 

It was under his direction, R&R executed a merger with Global Hospitality to become R&R Global Hospitality and Gaming. Armed with decades of experience he would go onto to build a multi-dimensional consulting, management and development company that has represented a diverse portfolio of clients found across 42 states and 32 countries and are estimated to have a combined value of over $12 billion.

Mr. Dazzio is a popular guest speaker and the recipient of numerous honors and awards. He sits on the Advisory Boards of; UNLV’s Hospitality  College, The John Hardy Group Radical Innovation Competition and Hospitality Technology Magazine. He also played an integral part in insuring the success of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics was selected by California to represent the state at the first ever “White House Conference on Tourism”. In addition to a B.S. Degree in Hotel Administration he holds from UNLV, he attended UCLA’s Film School and served honorably in the United States Army and Army Reserves during the Vietnam Era. 


4132 Rainbow Boulevard, Suite 499 - Las Vegas, NV 89103


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