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NANCI SHERMAN, IS Chief Experience Officer FOR the unparalleled company AND an ad hoc Technical services consultant TO R&R Hospitality and gaming 


Become exceptional and the best at what you do.  It's not enough to satisfy customers. You need to make them fall in love with you.” - Nanci Sherman


Nanci Sherman has 25+ years of breakthrough leadership in the hospitality industry-leading teams at some of the more iconic lifestyle, spa, and luxury hotels in the country. She cut her teeth at Hilton, exercised her entrepreneurial nature at Kimpton, grew the lifestyle experience at W Hotels, expanded the luxury profile at Miraval, and most recently catered to the most demanding clientele at Bardessono Hotel and Spa, the #2 hotel in TripAdvisor in the United States. Having consulted on three continents. Ms. Sherman focused on niche properties and “problem” assignments.


Her operating philosophy is simple.  The same principles that took Bardessono Hotel and Spa to a near-perfect rating out of thousands and thousands of hotels in the USA are applicable to any company that wants to be the best at what they do. What interests her most is having sustainable and off-the-charts results by people motivated to work to create a level of service at extraordinary levels.


Taking every hotel she has ever touched to number one in its comp set is a Ms. Sherman trademark.


“Even at #1, it is always time to innovate, create distinction, and reach beyond the status quo.  Go for “upliftment” in every interaction. Anything short of that misses the mark.”

There is an emotional opportunity in every interaction the success of which is contained in the word "upliftment."™ - Nanci Sherman.

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