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* Above statistics reflect the collective consulting, management and development activities of R&R Hotel Group, Global Resorts, R&R Global Hospitality and, preferred Consulting Associates who maintain an affiliation with R&R Global Hospitality and Gaming.

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masterful developers

R&R GLOBAL’s COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS PLANS are designed to determine the success/risk associated with the acquisition or development of a project in a specified site and market. Our business plans include: area overview, site analysis, market analysis (same elements found in the feasibility study), theme-concept and facilities recommendations, preliminary development cost estimates financial plans and projections*.

R&R GLOBAL PRO FORMA MODELS meets industry lender requirements and can be used for; lender presentations, structuring detailed sales and marketing budgets with cash flow requirements, and during closing lender negotiation.

R&R GLOBAL FLIP PROGRAM is a rapid, yet thorough, site inspection used to analyze a site's development potential based on area competition, site strengths and weaknesses, and market demand.

R&R GLOBAL WORK SESSION sets the stage for each assignment we undertake. It is designed to familiarize all members of the development team with existing development planning, product options, possible marketing and sales strategies and acquaint the client with the business disciplines of hospitality product segments such as; hotels/resorts/casino/ timeshare

R&R GLOBAL FEASIBILITY STUDIES typically focus on analyzing the market for new hospitality acquisition and development. Our Studies help determine project demand, positioning, customer profile demographics, competitive influences and financial performance based on extensive field research. These studies are useful in acquiring financing, initiating joint venture solicitations, and internal business decision making.

R&R GLOBAL'S PRE-CONSTRUCTION TASK PLANS focus on organizing and executing plans that addresses the design, operations and branding considerations needed to take a development into the plan check stage. The Pre-Construction Project Task Plan also concentrates on finalizing thematic concepts, establishing facilities programming models and selecting brands and management companies then negotiating terms and agreements.
Launching Pre-Opening Development Activities.

R&R GLOBAL Full Launch Execution (FLEX): After the Pre-Construction Tasks Plan has been created and executed R&R GLOBAL serves as an integral member of the developer's team by acting as an expediter responsible for moving the project forward through the hands-on implementation of a FLEX Plan. The FLEX Plan covers a full spectrum of activities needed to successfully launch a project.